FACE TALK FOR SALES SUCCESS: The Ultimate Sales Advantage Exposed! So You Can Outsmart Your Competition.

This new break through book reveals “real life” personal success stories of 11 extraordinary sales professionals who generate many millions in sales every year…

“Who Else Wants To Know The Short Cut Secrets For Maximum Sales Results In One Simple and Easy-to-Read Book?”

A completely new edge for Sales People and Business Owners that want… More Clients … More Sales … AND More Cash in Your Pocket!

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Discover How YOU Too Can create A Lucrative Herd of Raving Fans To Be Proud Of… Even If Right Now You have no Clue Where to Start…

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Tracy Eaton, Diana Anderson, Yvette Sholdas

Perth, Western Australia

Dear Friend,

If you’ve tried it all, or not and looking for one thing that will get you more leads, more sales and more clients, easier and faster, without spending more time or money! …then this is going to be the most exciting message you read all year. Here’s why… In our brand new book ‘Face Talk for Sales Success’ we reveal the Ultimate Sales Advantage

…And how you can

—like one Face Talk client, after spending just 2 hours learning this stuff—

increase sales and retention by 20%, even in times when they typically decline!

And here’s his story…

… this break through book also reveals the inside secrets behind the success of 11 extraordinary sales professionals who generate many millions in sales every year. They’re all everyday people…

They’re all experts in their field…

They’ve all worked their way to the top and all believe in the power of Sales…

And they’re all sharing their best secrets in this book

As you’ll discover when reading this book, they’re all just a bunch of regular people that started out just like you!

And yet today they’re making thousands and thousands –

and in some cases millions of dollars through their sales skills.

The fact is that you do not need to be an expert to make an impact using Face Talk. Book Cover - angled image In ‘Face Talk for Sales Success’ we reveal the nitty-gritty details of

  • How to read people at a glance, even before you speak to them
  • How you can get inside your prospects’ and clients’ heads, behind their masks and know what they want, fast
  • And a truck load of hot-tips and short-cuts to replicating the success of some of the world’s best

We wrote this book specifically for you so you can discover…


How to close more sales… faster—by  individualising every interaction


Why talking your clients language will have them coming back for more…with their friends
arrow 7+ classified secrets for staying ahead of the pack
arrow Proven, easy-to-use techniques to grab your prospects attention and uncover their real needs


Powerful strategies that’ll save you time and take the guess work out of understanding your clients


Access to little known insider tips and tricks from 11 incredible sales experts


Why the world would end without sales and sales professionals

So if you’ve any interest at all in achieving extraordinary results you can’t afford not to own this book…

And here’s Franchise Business Women of the Year and World #1 Female Action Coach, Terri Billingtonto tell you why…

Would you like to meet the extraordinary Sales Professionals featured in ‘Face Talk for Sales Success’?

Here’s a sneak-peak at the content and the success stories featured in the book starting with us…

“How to Take Your Prospects from No Way to Sold Faster”

Temp Pge (Our photo)What if you had the keys to unlock people’s specific needs and wants so they are magnetically drawn to you? Even before you began asking them questions? What if those keys were there, right in front of you? And all you had to do was to recognise them?

You’re about to discover what people’s faces are telling you.

This means you can watch someone walk across the room towards you and before you even speak with them, you’ll be able to get inside their heads, behind their masks and know exactly how to speak their language for and even bigger impact! You’ll know how to communicate and connect with them, their way. If you’re in sales or business you already know that people buy from people they like and trust. And ‘Face Talk for Sales Success’ gives you the cutting edge tools to do just that faster than anything out there! If you’re sick and tired of convincing people of the value of your product, service or information—convincing them to buy! And if you’ve been thinking lately…

Enough’s enough. There’s got to be a better way!”

Then ‘Face Talk for Sales Success’ is for you. We reveal our “keep it simple” step-by-step blueprint to win and keep more clients, without wasting more time or spending more money. These cutting edge, practical and immediately easy to use tools are designed to easily slot into the sales processes and strategies you already use, without fuss. Whether using one or many of these tools, you’ll get results.

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Bob Urichuck“12 Disciplines for Greater Sales”

By Bob Urichuck

World # 7, in Top 30 Sales Gurus

Bob is internationally recognised for his work in the areas of sales, motivation, leadership and team skills. Bob is an International Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author. Bob has been ranked as #7 in the World’s Top 30 Sales Gurus and published in the book “Sales Gurus Speak Out”.

Discover in Bob’s tell all account, why the world revolves around sales! AND the 12 disciplines to become a master at it!

“Turn Fear Into Fuel and Finesse”

Antonio Sorgiovanni PhotoBy Antonio (Sorge) Sorgiovanni

International Trainer & Business Owner

Business Owner and World Champion hair stylist/designer with extensive experience in salon management and training, Sorge is well known in the industry for developing innovative techniques which constantly push the boundaries of hair styling and design.  More recently, Sorge has turned his innovative flare to developing leading edge, innovative education and training programs for the hair industry, internationally.

Discover how to generate new business and improve and maintain high retention rates, even in tough times.

Dr Joanna Martin“Secrets of Selling from Stage”

By Dr Joanna Martin

Director Speaker & Educator, Shift Enterprises Pty Ltd

Dr Joanna Martin, well known for her Secrets of Selling From Stage, is an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought after educator who has taught over 45,000 people on three continents. She is one of the world’s most successful and inspirational speakers making over $1.25 million in her first 12 months speaking professionally.

Discover why the ability to sell from the stage is one of the most lucrative skills in the world.  And why speaking can become your sales medicine!

“Reverse Engineering the Sale”

Michael Dean PhotoBy Michael R Dean

CEO, Global Franchising Systems Pty Ltd

An engineer by trade, this CEO and Master Franchising and licensing expert is an award winning mentor-leader and entrepreneur. Michael has extensive experience initiating and managing projects in blue chip multi-national companies across the globe and has successfully built four international franchising / licensing companies.

Discover the 10 essentials qualities and attributes of great sales people and the 7 top tips for reaching even greater levels of success than you ever imagined.

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John & Leigh (small)

“Breaking Through Your Sales Ceiling”

By Leigh Farnell and John Blake

Award Winning Sales Trainers, Blue Rocket

Co-founders of the sales training organisation, Blue Rocket, Leigh Farnell is an international author, speaker, business development consultant and entertainer who has worked with some of Australia’s largest (and smallest) corporations. With highly developed expertise in sales, marketing and innovation, Leigh is one of Australia’s leading corporate coaches. John Blake has been involved in direct selling for the past 17 years. Throughout this time he has been a successful business owner and manager.

Discover the break through sales and training system that will skyrocket your sales – increase your leads, conversion rates, cash flow and profits.

“Staying Positive in the Face of Rejection”

Amy Kwong Photo (smaller)By Amy Kwong

Business Owner & Master Negotiator

From arriving in Australia, not speaking English to heading up IT for Sony Australia just 15 years later, Amy has learned a thing or two about staying positive in the face of rejection. Amy now has her own business in the internet marketing and education arena, where her technical ability together with her focus on value, is supporting businesses to greater success.

Discover why you, and your belief in yourself, are your biggest advocate and your biggest stumbling block to success in sales.

“From Novice to Sales Mastery”

James HannanBy James Hannon

Master Network Marketer

James a Network Marketing expert, is recognised as one of the most successful people in the Home Based Business Arena in the World. He has trained tens of thousands of people all over the world and helped many earn major six figure incomes. He is known as a “Tactician of business”. He is an expert at seeing what needs to happen to make a business grow to the next level.

Discover why sales mastery is about bringing the team on the journey with you. And getting it right on the inside too – heart, head, emotions and mental capability

“The Power of Rapport”

darren (small)By Darren Stephens

Managing Director, Global Publishing Group

& Successful Growth Strategies

A self-made multi-millionaire and is a seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, growth strategist, bestselling author and consultant. He is Founder and international chairman of Mars Venus Coaching and Managing Director of global businesses such as Global Publishing Group and Successful Growth Strategies. Darren is also International Franchise Director of the world’s No 1 eBay education company Bidding Buzz Global Limited. He is recognised as an expert in business development, sales and marketing, executive mentoring, franchising and international publishing.

Discover how learning how people’s minds work will cut years out of your learning curve and catapult you to success faster.

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“It’s How You Play the Game”

Jo Munro Photo (smaller)By Jo Munro

Leadership Expert, Executive Coach

International speaker, author and Executive Mentor, Jo is founder and Managing Director of the Executive Muse Companies. For over 2 decades she has consulted and worked with some of the leading international brands, managing over $240 million in revenue. Jo’s early corporate success was in sales, indirect sales channel management and project Management. And now she is a recognised expert in Corporate Leadership.

Discover how to turn the tough times into opportunities; why ‘no’ doesn’t always mean ‘no’; and why mentors are a must if you’d like to fast track your success.

“Positive Leaders Empower People”

Stephen Raff Photo (smaller)By Stephen Raff

CEO, ACE Body Corporate

Stephen is CEO and founder of Ace Body Corporate Management, an international company based in Melbourne. Ace manages more than 34,000 units worth over $7.25 billion in 70 franchise regions. Stephen worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, becoming a National Sales Manager and National Training Manager. Today Stephen is an Australian success story—an author and owner of one of the largest strata management firms in the country.

Discover the key secrets to success in business, sales and understanding people’s needs and why you should never take the easy road.

Phew, that’s quite an impressive line-up for one book isn’t it?

But we’re not finished yet.Free Gift

Just by purchasing this book you’ll be giving a priceless gift! Every book sold feeds and educates a child through Buy 1 Give 1 (www.b1g1.com).

And when you invest in ‘Face Talk for Sales Success’ you’re also going to enjoy… FREE Gifts Valued In Excess Of $2000

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Bonus #1 – Face Facts—fortnightly little known insider tips and tricks into building stronger, better, longer lasting relationships with everyone you meet. Valued at $257 per year.
CD Image Bonus # 2 – Access to a recording of our 2 hour signature training “The Most Important Skill You’ll Ever Learn: How to be Yourself and Have Your Clients Love You Even More”.  Valued at $397

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Bonus # 3 – We can’t give you everything you need to know about Face Talk in one book. So we’ve created a very special website loaded up with info, videos, reports etc. containing heaps more valuable information. It’s worth thousands of dollars.  But you’ll get it for FREE for investing in ‘Face Talk for Sales Success. Valued over $2,000

Here’s how to order YOUR copy of ‘Face Talk for Sales Success’

‘Face Talk for Sales Success’, published by Global Publishing Group, can be ordered by….

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With a smile,

The Facemappers

Informal sign off

P.S. Let’s face it! If someone told you that you could skyrocket your sales, save time and the answers were as plain as the nose on your face—would you listen then? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to do for you. We’re giving you the map, the tools, and in your face answers that’ll have your sales take off.

P.P.S. Remember, This is your chance to get ahead in your game and discover a new world full to the brim with opportunities and potential. Plus, we’re going to have a whole lot of fun as well (you won’t be bored, even for a second). Reading people like a book and knowing what they really want is the best Sales skill you could ever possess. And we’re handing it to you, without delay, served on a silver platter for your easy consumption.

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