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With a focus on communication in sales, Face Talk exposes the ultimate sales advantage. And right now there’s nothing like it in the market.

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While new to the market, these world #1 Face Mapping experts have more than 23 years study and experience behind them. Face Talk is opening up to savvy sales professionals, managers and business owners a new edge—with quick to implement, easy to apply tools that rapidly build trust and certainty for team members, prospects and clients. Every prospect, client or employee can have a platinum experience. And all without spending big bucks or wasting more time – in actual fact you’ll save time, forge stronger relationships and improve productivity.

Face Talk, like the recent popular show ‘Lie to Me’, has raised the bar on getting to know and understand people. And makes it even easier by lifting the lid on what people’s facial structures are telling you. It’s simple to observe. You don’t need to be an expert to get results using what Face Talk offers. It’s as clear as the nose on your face and you can’t miss it.

Cutting Edge Strategies that Work

Face Talk’s new and unique Communication Model combined with their cutting edge Face Map that tells how people think, feel and express even before they speak, is giving face to face customer businesses a leading advantage over their competitors. From large organisations and teams, small businesses and solo-preneurs, right down to individual sales professionals. The results speak for themselves.

New Clients Up 22%, Retention Up 20%

One Face Talk client – Antonio (Sorge) Sorgiovanni, International Trainer and Motivator and Creative Director (World Champion Hairdresser) – says “Face Talk is the Holy Grail of communication” and after just one 2 hour intensive training, he increased retention by 20% and new clients by a staggering 22% and all in a time when both usually decline.

Attention! Sales Professionals, Managers and Business Owners

Face Talk is a tool that is a must-have for anyone that is serious in sales. If the Mercedes Benz dealer I walked out on had known that as well, he would’ve made a lot more sales.” —Darren Stephens, International Bestselling Author and Managing Director, Global Publishing Group and Successful Growth Strategies

Face Talk is creating a whole new breed of elite sales professionals that are taking the profession to a new level of credibility.

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Run by 2 dynamic women, Face Talk brings over 40 combined years of skills and experience together—from corporate careers in large companies; to owning and running small businesses. These published authors have leveraged their diverse skills and experiences to develop an original and innovative company. Face talk enables you to individualise every interaction resulting in genuine engagement and connection to win more sales and business.

Face Talk offers structured and self-paced services, products and tailored-for-you solutions, including one-on-one consulting, group trainings, large seminars and keynote presentations, delivered on and offline.

The Faces of Face Talk…

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Tracy Eaton, Face Talk’s international speaker, trainer and program designer, is an experienced educator. In her 10 year corporate career in a large franchise organisation, she managed over 300 employees and $8 million turnover and trained and accredited 1000’s of Managers and staff. And after leaving corporate life she continued to hone her skills through business coaching and personal development roles and businesses.

Yvette Sholdas designs develops and markets Face Talk’s products and services. She has had an 18 year corporate career in financial services where she managed multi-million dollar programs of work, from large system integration projects, new product implementations, to people development initiatives. After leaving corporate life her experience in small business motivated her to move into marketing and copy writing.

Tracy EatonTo book Face Talk…

Face Talk and our keynote speaker Tracy Eaton, is available to give your Members, Guests or Employees a unique, interactive and fun experience. Or if you’re looking to hire an experienced Interviewer and MC (Master of Ceremonies) to round of your polished events, then contact our Office via phone or email.

Email: fun@facetalk.com.au

Phone: 0430 086 068


Face Talk’s purpose is to transform individuals through connection, bringing together collective brilliance, producing extraordinary results.

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